Friday, July 25, 2014

Lending Library?

Ok, so I was looking over my stock of books and other educational materials, when I had an idea; a homeschool lending library.  I have been collecting a plethora of educational books for multiple grade levels, as well as worksheets and such.  I also love just collecting books in general.  There is a good sized homeschooling group in the area.  Why not start a lending library that caters to local home educators?  
If we could find a place in town, like a church, that would allow us to use one of their classrooms for keeping the books that aren't being used at that moment, we could all pool our resources and share.  The church classroom would be where each family could come and check out a book, curriculum, whatever for their family and return it when they are done.  I know there would be a longer check-out for curriculum and the honor system would really have to work for this.  
See, I am the type of person that doesn't like to write in books.  So, all of the books and tests and workbooks I have acquired so far will, hopefully, have no marks in them at the end of the school year.  I plan on photo copying worksheets and having the boys write their answers on a separate sheet of paper for everything else.  
I think it could work.  So long as there are no legal issues with this venture.  I mean, this would be completely not for profit.  There would be no reselling of materials.  Just donations and borrowing.  Now I just need to find a place to host this and draw in enough interest.  I wonder...