Friday, March 13, 2015

Conversations heard in a Mini Van

    Hello world, sorry I haven't posted in a while.  I admit I have not felt that inspired as of late.  Ok, maybe my inspiration hasn't been that uplifting.  Anyway, I am back and have a fantastic little story to share with you today.  Please allow me to set the stage for you.

    I am in the van with Porthos, Aramis, and my 10 year old nephew, Batman.  We have just left the grocery store where we have picked up a package of apple fritters (the boys wanted donuts, but the donut shop was already closed).  As we sit at the intersection at a red light, the boys notice a police car across the street.

Porthos:  "Look, it's the PoPo!"
Batman:  "Quick!  Hide the donuts!  The PoPo's gonna steel them."
Porthos pulls over his hoodie and stares at the police car as it goes by.
Aramis:  "Hey, where's the PoPo?  I don't see anyone in the driver's seat.  (The windows seem slightly tinted, making it difficult to see inside the car.)
Porthos:  "That's because I made him invisible with my super scary face."
Aramis:  "No, it's the super yummy donut."
Porthos:  "Maybe it's a ghost car."

We arrive home and as we get out of the van;
Batman: "I want to be a PoPo."
Porthos:  "Why so you can eat coffee and donuts all the time?"

The End.