Thursday, May 7, 2015

THSC Homeschool Convention & Book Fair

    This weekend is the THSC Convention in Arlington, TX.  Though it starts today, I will not be there until Saturday.  I am looking forward in eager anticipation to this adventure.  There will be speakers and topics ranging from Sonya Shafer: The Quiet Schooling of Nature, David Gibbs: The Future of Home schooling in America, to Crystal Payne: Raising Kingdom-Minded Kids, just to name a few. The Duggar family will also be there.
    There will be exhibits; Becky Muldrow: How to Earn a Bachelor's Degree During High School, Martin Cothran: The Classical Thinking Skills Program, Erin Karl: The Language Arts Tool belt, and David Hernandez: Preparing High Schoolers for STEM futures, and so on.  Wrapping this whole experience up will be the numerous vendors, with their different curricula and materials to view and purchase.  A virtual wonderland for home educators.
    This will be my first convention to attend.  I have taken the tips of The Pioneer Woman on how to prepare for attending a homeschool convention.  I have pre-registered and booked my hotel room.  I have been studying the schedule, list of speakers and workshops, and have narrowed it down to a number of specific workshops I would like to attend.  I am working on my plan how to make the most of my day.  All that is left is to attend, look up, smile, and chat with other homeschoolers.  I have my backpack loaded and ready to go with a notebook, pens, water bottle, crackers, etc.  I thought about a nice open tote, but decided that I want my arms free and no worries of a shoulder bag slipping from my shoulder.  I have my list of vendors I want to make sure to check out, as well as a short list of specific items to look for.  All that is left is to finish packing my overnight bag.
    All right.  First time attendee excitement?  Absolutely.  I wish I could have attended last year.  But I think having trudged through the past year as we have I at least have a better idea of what I want to gain from this convention experience.  Oh, and a fantastic bit that I just discovered:  If I miss a workshop, I can catch an audio recording of it later!  Now, I know that there will be things for kids to do.  I am not bringing mine with me this year.  First time, I just want to go with the hubby and soak it all in.  Maybe next year.  Thankful for this opportunity.  Thankful for family willing to watch kiddos so hubby and I can attend.