Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bonds of brotherhood

    Since beginning our homeschooling journey, I have noticed a change in how my sons interact with each other.  They are closer than they had been.  I realize this is born of necessity, but that makes it no less beautiful to observe.  They play together all the time now.  They read to each other, help and guide each other.  They even cover for each other. 
    Yesterday, we were at Wal-Mart doing our shopping for Thanksgiving.  I had sent Porthos and Aramis to use the restroom while I searched for a few more items.  I sent them to the restroom at the back of the store, and they were to come right back when they were done.  They didn't.  I kept a watch for them as I shopped and when I realized they weren't coming back I went looking for them.  They weren't at the restroom.  Now, this particular Wal-Mart has the shoe department along that very back wall and electronics is across from that.  So I thought perhaps they got distracted by all the games and TVs, but no luck.  So I, thinking my children would not be so bold as to disobey a standing rule of not ever going to the toy section without an adult, I went looking for them back in the grocery section, but not before asking a friend who was there to have the boys return to the restroom if she came upon them. 
    After another sweep, I returned to the restroom area and found my sons sitting waiting for me.  I asked them where they were and Porthos replied they looked for me in the food section.  I reminded him that I wanted him to tell the truth.  So I asked Aramis.  He said they looked for me in the food section because he smelled food. 
    Do you remember that friend I told you about?  She had gone to the toy section, and that's where she found them.  ;)  Here is the deal.  They are not supposed to lie to me.  However, I witnessed a bond between brothers that I would never wish away.  So this time I let it slide.  They do not know that I know the truth of where they were. 

On a side note, yesterday morning my 9 year old sat in our living room watching a movie, while simultaneously observing evidence of the earth's rotation. He had a Lego tower on the floor and kept noticing how the sunlight coming through the window was slowly moving away from his tower. Incidental learning. LOVE IT!!